How To Find A Property To Accommodate Your Home Based Business

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There are many entrepreneurs in Calgary who have a home based business, including myself. It’s cost effective to not have to rent or lease an office space elsewhere and there are tax advantages as well. It’s just how to find a property for your home based business that will work for you.

With my home based business I don’t require clients to come to my home. Instead I visit them at their home or at a public venue. Coffee shops make a great mobile office.

Although when you require clients to visit your home this complicates things. In order to make sure your business is successful I’ve provided details on the obstacles that I’ve encountered with my clients who have home based businesses.

Here are 6 details you must confirm when looking for your home based business if you are to receive clients at this location:

  1. Is your business easy to access? When visiting the property, if you find it challenging to get to the location, your clients will too. Too many detours or turns can be frustrating, lending to a poor experience before you can wow them with your services.
  2. Think safe arrival and departure for your clients. Be sure to have a way out that’s relatively safe to exit and get back onto the street. There are times when I’ve exited a driveway and the traffic was so heavy that it took a long time to get back onto the street. It’s even worse when backing out onto a busy street.
  3.  Make sure parking won’t be an issue. If you find it challenging to find a parking spot on the street then your clients will too. It does help if you can provide parking on your property with a front drive or stalls in the back. If not, consider what the street parking is zoned for and see how that can be managed. Remember that street parking is public property and that the space in front of your house isn’t rightfully yours.
  4. Is the property zoned correctly? Check with the municipality to see what the zoning is for the property. Will you be able to have a small business in your home? Will they allow visitors and how many? This is very important since one complaint to the City by a neighbour can shut you down.
  5. If you’re considering a location in a condominium for your business, will the building allow it? This is something you must check before buying the property. An query letter to the board will tell you if your business will be accepted. The time to do this is before putting in an offer. If time is of the essence, have this as one of your conditions to satisfy before finalizing the offer.
  6. Is there a space in the home that is suitable for your business? Having your clients tour your home to get to the room where you have your services gives it a bit too personal feel. A room right off the front entrance is perfect. This allows clients to easily enter and leave without interacting with your private life.

As a home based business entrepreneur, I want you to have success with your business as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can also find out more about me on my website or on my Facebook Page – Inner City YYC. Take care!