3 Questions to Find the Right Realtor when Buying a Rural Property

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Country living is a beautiful experience with much benefit, although can pose many issues if the original purchase isn’t done right. Much of this uncertainty can be eliminated if you find the right Realtor when buying a rural property.

For 18 years I lived on an acreage in Manitoba and assisted on the day to day activities. My experience in my youth didn’t automatically make me an expert in rural real estate since not every word that came from my parents sunk in.

Having a apiary on your acreage is a very rewarding hobby. These are hives from my parent’s farm in Manitoba

This old F250 Custom Ford I pay tribute to as the vehicle I first learned to drive with.

I often meet people visiting my rural listings, who talk of their childhood memories of living on an acreage or visiting their grandparent’s farm and feel they have a good grasp of what is involved. These memories are wonderful and is a great foundation for wanting to own a rural property. Unfortunately, unless they followed the path of the owners throughout the years of maintaining an acreage, they don’t really know what it takes to manage a property like this. This is where you need to find the right realtor when buying a rural property.

To help you find that right Realtor, here are 3 questions you need to ask which will help determine if this is the right person to represent you:

  1. Are there specific contracts for buying rural properties? YES! Buying a rural property is so much different than one supported by a municipality and those differences are covered in the offer to purchase for rural properties. I’ve seen representatives submitting offers on a residential offer to purchase with no conditions related to rural living. There are also support documents needed which provide more information about the property that is important for the buyer to know prior to agreeing to purchase the property.
  2. How is maintaining a rural property different from a city property? When living in the city all the utilities are provided for you at a cost and this we often take for granted. When living in the country the water and sewer are two crucial utilities that the home owner manages and maintains. Failure to keep on top of this can turn your property from a beautiful oasis to a money sucking pit.

    The Privacy of Country Living – an acreage with mature trees like this is hard to come by

  3. What is it like to live on a rural property? Many people see the beauty of privacy and wilderness in country living, and love the freedom to do what they please. After months of living on an acreage owners might feel isolated. They may come across wildlife that aren’t the beautiful elk or eagles, but the badgers digging holes everywhere and the skunks that spray your poor dog. As for the freedom to do what they please, even if you’re in the middle of no where, there still are noise limits and trespassing on others property isn’t allowed.

If the Realtor you’re interviewing can’t confidently answer these three questions then you’ll need to move on to the next one.

While living on the acreage in Manitoba we’ve seen many neighbours move in and within a few months to a year move back to the city. Country living isn’t for everyone so it’s good to go into it with both eyes wide open and with the right realtor to help you make that decision on the right property. Your Realtor (and not the seller’s Realtor) is there to protect you from unforeseen circumstances.  Having to sell shortly after buying usually ends up in a loss.

If you want more info on buying a rural property feel free to contact me.

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